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Lightning Protection

You’ve either just experienced a catastrophic lightning strike or recognize the potential consequences of such a strike and want to take proactive, preventative measures.

Based in the Gulf Coast region, Lightning Elimination Systems designs customized lightning protection, surge suppression and grounding systems. Our experience allows us to go beyond traditional methods and provide a system utilizing one of the three major lightning protection technologies: lightning rods, early streamer emission (ESE) and static dissipation.

For clients such as the U.S. military, Exco Resources, Chesapeake Energy, DuPont, ExxonMobil, Motiva, Noble Drilling and NASA, we’ve designed and installed solutions to protect buildings, equipment and people from lightning.

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Lightning Elimination Systems, based in the gulf coast region since 1996 is a speciality lightning protection system engineering consultant that designs, installs and maintains customized lightning protection, surge suppression, grounding and bonding systems.

We are the only independent lightning protection EPC company worldwide with extensive experience in all three lightning protection technologies available today – conventional lightning protection, early streamer emitting and lightning dissipation.

“Protection of people and the environment is our core value.”


Lightning Elimination Systems

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