Lightning Protection for Commercial Buildings

People generally think of lightning damage as what happens at the point where a cloud-ground stroke terminates on a tree, structure, or elevated wiring. the lightning current pulse continues into conductive parts of the structure, cables, and even underground wiring and pipes. Lightning impulse is so strong, equipment connected to cables a mile (1.6 km) or more from the site of the strike can be damaged.

Damage from Lightning
There are primarily FOUR WAYS a lightning can damage property and equipment:

  • Lightning strike to the network of power, phone and cable television (CATV) wiring. Lightning can also travel through the ground (soil), reaching underground cables or pipes.
  • Lightning strikes to, or near, the external wiring network common to most suburban and rural houses. Air conditioners, satellite dishes, exterior lights, gate control systems, pool support equipment, patios and cabanas, phone extensions, electronic dog fences, and security systems can all be struck by lightning, and the lightning surges will then be carried inside the house by the wiring.
  • Lightning may strike nearby objects (trees, flagpoles, signs) that are close to, but not directly connected to the house. In this situation, the lightning strike radiates a strong electromagnetic field, which can be picked up by wiring in the house, producing large voltages that can damage equipment.
  • A direct lightning strike to the structure. It can severely damage a structure without a lightning protection system (LPS), and will generally damage most electronic equipment in the building.

Lightning Protection Services

  • Site Visit: LES performs an on-site visit. During the visit we inquire about your most critical lightning damage concerns and collect measurements on the facility.
  • Report: We compile a report detailing our findings, including photo documentation. It also included details for bringing a system into compliance and estimated budget to provide an installed solution.
  • System Design: Using the information collected, LES engineers design a system to protect life, property and sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Product Selection: After a system is engineered, we select components for enhanced lightning protection.
  • System Installation: Our group of in-house installers, assure the system installation is as engineered.
  • Maintenance: LES confirms that your system remains in compliance by performing annual inspections and maintenance.

Lightning Protection System

  • Structural Lightning Protection System
  • Lightning Protection on Power Line point-of-entry
  • Lightning Protection on Communication & Signal Line point-of-entry
  • Lightning Protection at the point-of-use of critical electronic equipment.

Lightning Elimination Systems (LES) is a lightning protection company that uses scientific theory as well as over 15
years of field experience to design custom solutions to shield people, places and sensitive electrical and electronic
equipment from the damaging effects of lightning strikes. Contact US to provide Lightning Protection for your Commercial Facility.