Industries We Serve

Lightning Elimination Systems (LES) focuses on analyzing and limiting the risks that lightning presents to a particular industrial facility. Operations can be at risk from the direct and indirect effects of lightning events. When affected, both control and communication systems can lead to expensive downtime and maintenance costs.

Our team will inspect your facility to determine if it is in need of a lightning protection system, and if so which protections it needs. If a facility already has protection, we can perform a compliance audit, and if a lightning strike knocked a facility offline, we can assist in its recovery as well. Our lightning protection systems always meet the UL Lightning Protection System Master Label Certification whenever possible, ensuring you’re always gaining the most trusted protection system around.

LES specializes in:

  • Analyzing risk of lightning strike
  • Diagnosing the root cause of damages
  • Installing lightning protection systems
  • Maintaining those systems
  • Inspecting those systems and ensuring they meet compliance standards
  • Testing those systems to ensure their quality

Industries we serve:

  • Oil & gas
  • Military
  • Telecom
  • Commercial
  • Industrial facilities

Systems We Design:

  • Faraday cages for areas with a high concentration of electronics
  • Wide-area structural protection for open spaces
  • Prevention systems for locations containing flammable items
  • Grounding and bonding for various protection systems
  • Protection for a low-voltage generators
  • Protection for processing equipment
  • Protection for data systems
  • Protection for telecom systems

Our design process:

  1. Survey — We visit the location in need of protection and determine what kind of protection is necessary.
  2. Written report — We document the results of the survey, including photos and details for how to proceed with installing a protection system.
  3. Engineering — Based on the written report, our engineers create a system that perfectly fits your protection requirements.
  4. Specification — After the engineers create your system, we focus our attention on certain components to ensure there are no gaps in your protection.
  5. Installation — Once the system is completed, our team installs the system to complete the process.

Lightning Elimination Systems (LES) is uses scientific theory as well as more than 15 years of field experience to design custom solutions to shield people, places and sensitive electrical and electronic equipment from the damaging effects of lightning strikes.  Contact US to provide Lightning Protection for your Industrial Facility.