Lightning Protection Services for Military

In military operations, lives are lost and many injuries are incurred each year by lightning. Regular maintenance of lightning protection and grounding systems at Explosives buildings, magazines, operating locations and shelters is a must. Lightning surge protection on Intrusion detection systems, communication equipment and instrumentation lines cannot be compromised for the equipment to be always operating state.

Maintenance services of lightning and grounding systems for the Air Force in compliance to Std. AF132-1065

  • Small grounding system resistance testing using fall-of-potential method
  • Grounding system resistance testing for above-ground petroleum (POL) tanks
  • Continuity Test for separately mounted lightning protection system (Mast and Overhead Shield Wire)
  • Continuity Test for integrally mounted lightning protection system
  • Testing for Static Bus Bars
  • Conductive Floor Tests
  • Visual Inspection of Lightning Protection Systems
  • Visual Inspection of Facility Grounds
  • Visual Inspection of Surge Protection Devices
  • Maintenance of lightning and grounding system test records

Maintenance services of lightning and grounding systems for the Navy in compliance to Std. NAVSEA OP5

  • Development of grounding system test plan at Navy ordnance facilities
  • Visual and Physical Test for Ordnance grounds
  • Visual inspection for Explosive storage area
  • Testing of aircraft grounding cables
  • Measurement of resistance to earth of the Ordnance grounds
  • Measurement of bonding resistance of the Ordnance grounds
  • Measurement of resistance for conductive floors
  • Documentation of lightning protection and grounding system test results

Lightning Elimination Systems (LES) is a lightning protection company that uses scientific theory as well as over 15 years of field experience to design custom solutions to shield people, places and sensitive electrical and electronic equipment from the damaging effects of lightning strikes. Contact US to provide Lightning and grounding system testing and maintenance services for your Military Facility.