Engineering & Consulting

Engineering lies at the center of the lighting protection industry. Early theories of electricity led to the development of the lightning rod three centuries ago, while recent inventions like high-speed photography have furthered the accuracy of data modeling and led to more effective lightning prediction and protection systems.

Lightning Elimination Systems (LES) provides these engineering services among its capabilities:

  • Project scope and system specifications.
  • On-site research and design.
  • Drawing sets and submittals.
  • Request for proposals (RFPs).

We can even create the preventive maintenance manual describing proper  post-installation testing and maintenance. To get more specific, for the strike-capture component of the system, our scope of  services would include:

  • Investigating the root cause of past lighting damage.
  • Analyzing the probability of a future lightning strike.
  • Inspecting the integrity of any existing residential, commercial or industrial  lightning protection system and auditing for compliance with any standards under which the system was installed – standards like UL 96A, NFPA 780, IEC 62305 and API 2003.For the grounding system, our scope of services would include:
    • Performing grounding system resistance, continuity and point-to-point resistance tests to determine the resistivity of the soil to voltage currents.
    • Establishing minimally impedant voltage current “traffic patterns” to protect against lighting strikes, power-switching transients and static electricity buildup.
    • Designing the signal reference grid for computer rooms.
    • Inspecting the integrity of existing residential, commercial or industrial grounding systems and auditing for compliance with standards such as IEEE 80, IEEE 81, IEEE 142, IEEE 1100, NFPA 77 and Motorola R56.As you can see, surge suppression, grounding system and lightning protection design goes beyond ordering parts and clamping conductors in a chain of circuits and copper. Contract LES to be the engineers for your lightning protection system now.