Lightning Protection Surge Suppression

Lightning protection surge suppression – also known as lightning surge suppressors, surge arresters and surge protective devices (SPDs) – protect electronic equipment from damage caused by a sudden, significant rise in voltage. SPDs are designed to stay in a high-impedance (resistance) state when voltage levels are normal. But when a voltage spike occurs, they shift into a low-impedance state in order to absorb and divert the electrical energy back to its source or into the ground for commercial and residential structures.

The two primary causes of transient voltages are lightning and power switching; each event has different voltage peaks and duration times. A power switching transient occurs when inductive
loads switch as electronics are powered on or off or when utility companies test lines. Other variations that can affect normal voltage levels include overvoltage or undervoltage conditions, noise, dropouts, or power outages.

A properly installed lightning surge protection system includes equipotential bonding to reduce the risk of damage caused by voltage flashovers (when current jumps).

Lightning Elimination Systems installs SPDs according to several considerations:

  • The presence or absence of a lightning protection system.
  • The total surge rating of the main electrical distribution panel.
  • The type of power distribution system, which will determine the number of SPDs installed and their respective voltage and (when applicable) individual surge ratings.
  • The need for backup overcurrent (fuse/circuit breaker) protection devices and/or coordinated secondary protection installed on sub distribution panels or connected directly to sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Although SPDs, or lightning protection surge suppressors, are always an integrated component of a lightning protection system for commercial or residential structures, it is also possible to install surge protection equipment independent of an external lightning strike capture/redirection/grounding system.

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