Testing & Maintenance

Lightning protection systems are sophisticated networks that incorporate components such as lighting rods, lighting current conductors, bonding conductors, ground electrodes and lighting surge protectors. Designers must study a structure’s features and evaluate the existing conditions before creating a system plan.

But structural features and conditions change over time. Year after year, weather events such as extreme temperatures and high winds affect lighting protection equipment. Building upgrades involving new construction or remodeling and changes to electrical, mechanical or communication systems can also affect lightning protection systems.

Because changes are likely if not inevitable, all facility maintenance schedules should include annual lighting protection equipment maintenance.

During a Lightning Elimination Systems inspection, we will ascertain the physical condition of your lightning protection system by:

  • Verifying that the lightning rod or rods and other equipment are free of damage or excessive corrosion.
  • Checking for loose connections that could compromise your protection level.
  • Looking for new roof installations such as satellite dishes, HVAC  equipment or other projections.
  • Confirming that downconductors create a continuous path from the lightning rod or rods on the roof to the grounding electrode system.
  • Conducting a visual examination for damage to lightning surge protector devices.
  • Supplying a written report that includes a scope of work and estimate for bringing the system up to current codes.

Scheduling routine maintenance of your lightning protection equipment will give you the best level of protection. Contact us today about maintenance inspections.