Lightning Prediction System

A Thor Guard lightning prediction system can serve as a stand-alone warning aid or as an enhancement to a Lightning Elimination Systems (LES)-installed lightning protection system. Thor Guard systems make calculations to predict the occurrence of lightning within areas as vast as 25 square miles, and will emit audio and visual alarms between eight and 20 minutes (or more) before the first strike.

The Thor Guard company designs systems that use a proprietary technology to monitor changes in the electrostatic fields found in thunderclouds. (This approach differs from early streamer emission air terminals, which monitor the electromagnetic fields present between the cloud and the ground.) These systems process real-time data 500 times a second and cross-reference that information against a finite database populated with millions of hours of thunderstorm monitoring. When sensing migrations of potentially dangerous electrostatic energy, Thor Guard sends out distinct alarms (signifying danger levels such as warning, red alert and all clear) via an interactive air horn so that those present will seek shelter.

Thor Guard lightning warning systems are installed at:

  • Golf courses
  • Olympic venues
  • Airports
  • Mining sites
  • Telecommunications sites
  • Government agencies
  • Sports stadiums
  • Ski resorts
  • More than 700 universities and schools
  • Public parks, pools and playgrounds

For more information about Thor Guard, visit Lightning Elimination Systems is the exclusive provider of Thor Guard lightning warning systems in the state of Louisiana.